Assalamualaikum & good day friends,

Selamat datang and welcome to our (will be largely conquered by me..hehe) blog – Jan & Ema JOMLAH !

Well, obviously, there are lots of blogs, but I’ve decided to put up a travel-related kinda blog especially to cater for budget travellers. Not everyone is lucky enough not only to be borne in the silver or golden spoon, let alone to travel in one. So, if you are like us (esp. me) who is crazy about travelling but quite concern with the budget, maybe this blog can help u.

During my childhood, I, like some of you did not get the luxury of travelling lavishly. So, we kept our dream soar. I myself dreamt of going to Europe but had to keep it silent, UNTIL 2004. I flew alone from Melbourne to London, and joint a group of Malaysian there under ‘Kelana Convoy’ team. I thought that I’d be satisfied after travelling through to Paris, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, and several other places. Nevertheless, something was not right and felt quite lonely, tho I was surrounded by new friends. Then, after a while, I guess, expert travellers were right about ‘get your RIGHT travel buddy’. Since then, travelling buddy is an utmost important thing in my checklist. A cold place can turn warm if you have a right partner.

Or…the best place to go is anywhere in the world as long as you are with the right travelling partner !

I am blessed to have right buddies when travelling in Australia ! Ahhhh ! Even a stone can be a laughing matter !

and now I am adding an important person in my life ..and Alhamdulillah, thank GOD, that person is an open minded person with equal likes. Our life is more colourful than ever !

We hope you are not only going places, but also going with the loved ones. Share with us !


EMA & Jan – a life partner.

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