Jerteh-KB trip 13-15 Feb 2010

Salam All,

Ahh, ’twas during the CNY break. For 2010, the CNY week starts (literally) on 12 Feb until 16 Feb 2010. But, well for Malaysians, we like to extend it until the next weekend :P. So, basically, the CNY break starts from 12th – 21st Feb 2010. It is a 10 day break, wohoo !

When Malaysia decided to build expressways, some pessimists thought it was just a gajah putih idea. Only later that Malaysians knew that the current expressways are not enough to cater the crazy Malaysians from lining up for hours to get to the kampungs…I am one of the crazy fellas.. 😛

Luckily for this CNY, we didnt go to utagha (north) despite earlier plan to relax at sandy Langkawi beach. We, instead, went to Jertih for ‘berlarak’ (accompanying bridegroom) event. I drove, and in the car were Jan, Mama & Yani (my sister). Earlier, I was very ambitious and warned (stern reminder..hehe) everybody to get up at 4am, because I want to avoid traffic jam.

But, I woke up at 6+ …. Jan perli ‘”aa…4 morning already, yesterday somebody said she want to avoid traffic jam”…I replied, “Driver has to get enough sleeplah !”. I started to drive only at 8am.

The journey started from Klang. For those who are not familiar with Klang-Jerteh route, you can follow my route.

Klang to Jerteh route: Klang (KESAS) – Exit Seafield (Cross over Fed highway to Bukit Raja Highway) – Mont Kiara (to enter DUKE) – Genting Sempah (LPT highway) – Kuantan (exit Jabor, off Highway) – Ajil – Kuala Berang – Jerteh.

Overall: 7 hour drive (if you dont stop anywhere), you need at least 2 drivers if you don’t overnight anywhere in the middle of the journey. Normally, with the toilet stops, R&R, you’ll take 9 hours to reach Jerteh. (4 hours Klang-Kuantan, 5 hours Kuantan- Jerteh). 

Travelling Cost: RM 100 (fuel one way) + RM 50 (tolls from Klang to Kuantan – highways – one way). I suggest you to fill up full tank and use touch and go. It saves your time from searching for coins and queing up. Plus, you’ll need that extra coins to buy chikadees…

We reached Jerteh at around 5 pm and checked in Hotel Mar, which is a bit off from the town itself. It is a must for me to book a place before I reach a destination. Actually, I wanted to get ONE UTAMA HOTEL, but couldnt get the phone numbers, I browsed through sites and found people giving ‘okay’ review for HOTEL MAR. There are other (budget) hotels as well, but most of them, I guess, cater for those who want a transit before going to Pulau Perhentian. You can get the details here Other hotels like Bukit Keluang Resort, Primula Coral View or Seri Malaysia are away by +/- 30 minutes from Jerteh town and they costs more than RM150 p.n.

Hotel Mar: It is a budget hotel. It is quite dissapointing when I first reached the place. I thought it was like One Utama Hotel. Hotel Mar has around 20+ rooms and situated on the upper floor of a 2-storey shop lot (Jan questioned my choice). Because I had already paid the deposits, we just went inside.

I booked for 2 large rooms with aircond (RM80 p.n). The room has 1 double 1 single. I give the room with windows to mama & Yani. Jan & I stayed in a room with no windows. Inside, it has 1 TV set, with poor reception. My bathroom is bad. The toilet seat rim is not fixed and the flush does not function well, you have to curah water. The face mirror is hanged high above the head (what’s the point ..? unless your customer is 6 feet high). There’s shower and hot water heater but pail is provided. Our room has a little space for praying, can’t do jemaah. With no windows, you’ll feel a bit suffocated.

Nevertheless, the hotel is fully booked due to the holiday & wedding seasons. You could hear people next to your room coughing.

I dont think the hotel is prepared to receive full pax of people. On the second day, the hotel went blacked-out for 2 hours (5.30pm-7.30 pm). Bad..bad. With lots of people, less windows, no generator to back up, obviously the hotel was hot and water pump did not function. As a result, people couldn’t sleep because its hot and couldn’t take shower. 

I definitely will not stay at the hotel on my next visit. However, if you are bringing a whole load of buses, for short 1-2 days trip and on budget, you can consider this place. It is clean. Hotel Mar’s number is 09-6978780.

Alternatively, you might want to call ONE UTAMA at 09-6973188.   

Next ..trip to KB.


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