Kota Bharu – Bargaining Batik at Kedai Halimah!


Crazy ! Really Crazy ! This is all because of BATIK !

Jerteh/Besut is in Terengganu state, situated at the border of Terengganu – Kelantan. Since we were already there, we decided to go to Kota Bharu (KB). The normal travelling hour from Jerteh is around 45 minutes, but, since it was holiday season, it took us around 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach KB.

Road to KB is narrower than most of Terengganu’s towns. So, it is a bit hectic if there are lots of cars going on the same route. That was what happened to us especially due to lots of cars parked nearby the roadside for wedding kenduri. We passed by Pasir Putih, infact we had late breakfast at Pasir Putih town. Mama & I ate Nasi Dage (Nasi Dagang) and Yani ate her Roti Canai (aparaa…gi kelate make roti cane !). Actually I was looking for Laksam, but couldnt find one…hmm..

We continued our day to KB. Our target is Pasar Siti Khadijah..we never thought of buying batik at the first place 😉

Photos above are examples of Batik taken from Flickr Adia_Aqua.

It was until we saw Kompleks Bazar Buluh Kubu that houses lots of batik shops..waa….I pulled Jan’s hand and entered the Kompleks. The place is very interesting ! Not only because it sells lots of batik, it sells them at cheaper price than the one in KL !

Of all the shops, I am attracted to Kedai Batik Halimah. Did I tell you that we went to KB twice ? On our first trip, we just ‘browsed’ thru….and it is on the second day that we really nailed it !

Kedai Batik Halimah is different from others because the store is wider and there are more batik to choose from. When I say, more batik, it means, it has ranges of price for batik, ranges of quality fabrics, ranges of design and patterns, and most important, the sellers are patient and willing to match one batik with another.

All this while, I am looking for a matching batik suit for Jan and I. In KL, I’m always attracted to the one which priced around 650+. Aiyoh, where got money ! In that store, with mama & Yani’s help, we found one blouse that suits Jan, gold colour..nice one, less than 3 colours…and its retail price is RM180. I bet, in KL, it costs at least RM230! Jan got 1. I have to find my match ! The lady (Nurul) suggested a piece of very vibrant orange colour ! VOILA ! cantek banget donggg !…The design is called Batik Rosmah. The retail price in KL, I dare to say, is about minimum RM380.

In that store, with Asri (the 28-29 y.o. tokey), I learnt about the why Batik can have different price. He told me about the layering skills, layering colours, techniques, fabrics and even the canting thing that they use.

After 1 hour of finding several Batiks, we ended up with 6 pieces of batik. The overall price was from original RM860, gedebuk gedebak bargain bargain, we got RM740 ! Two blouses, 3 silk, 1 crepe…puas hati !

Really…sometimes, you just have to keep your money to get something really worth buying…once you get it, NAIL it ! Sampai bila2 puas hati……

If you want to try your bargain skill, jomlah visit Kedai Halimah, No 3, 4, 5, Tingkat 1, Kompleks Bazar Buluh Kubu. Call: 09-7479267 (Asri).

For several days now, we are still admiring our Batik… CRAZY !


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