Kota Bharu – Winning Wallet Sense at Wakaf Che Yeh

Salam all,

You really have to win your wallet sense when you go to Wakaf Che Yeh. My oh my, this place really RAWKK !

It is not easy to keep your wallet and purse closed when you decided to go to Wakaf Che’ Yeh. It is the biggest shopping place – pasar malam liken in Kelantan (perhaps, in the East Coast!). If you go there during holiday season, get ready to take a deep breath as the traffic jam can last for an hour long ! SERIOUS !

Wakaf Che Yeh (WCY) is just about 15 km from KB and open only at night. If you think Brisbane, Australia is a place you’ve never wanted to sleep…huh, try Wakaf Che Yeh ! It heals the soaring heart, it tames the wild agitation, you’ll leave the place smiling..he he he…(even when you’re broke).

The shopping area, that is, the open area could easily count for a Taman Perumahan (housing area). Saying this, please dont walk in your heals okay..get a comfort shoes…even pasar malam BUAYA (CROCS) will do (RM20/pair in WCY, RM30+ in KL& Seremban).

We started our night reaching WCY at around 9pm…and the time is just a perfect time to go crazy. Insufficient parking place should be expected, but dont worry, there’s a large field area ‘equipped’ with amateur parking attendants will lead you to the parking area. It just costs RM2.

We had our dinner first before gearing up. The eateries are jampacked, but the boys who served us are ‘jambu’ ones – perhaps from Kelantan-Siam breed, are nice and efficient. They even apologized gently when they made wrong order. After we had our dinner, we just strolled in inside the hustle and bustle crowd. The place was crowded. If you go with kids, you better hold them. It is easy to lose somebody because the eyes are more attracted to things sold at your left and right, than holding somebody’s hands !

From my observation, half of the stalls sell tudung, kain batik, kain. The price is cheaper. But if you really want to look at the details, bargain your wallet off, WCY is not a suitable place. The kind of fabric that you want to buy from here may be for the normal kenduri or office wear. It is really cheap. 

Tudung /Scarves ? Abundant ! What kind of scarve are you looking for ? Hawa ? Tudung bawal ? Nigina ? labuh ? Pendek ? Name it, you’ll get it at an affordable price.

Among all the items, my mom was really attracted at the vegetables. I mean, on how they sell the veges. FYI, the veges are packed in a large bundles. The mountain of chillis are scooped by spork. Jan told mama that they are all imported from Thai. Mama asked whether they are sellable ! We just laugh.

The sellers, like other Kelantanese, mostly are women with huge gold chains around their neck and wrists. Leleh air liur beb…there are males too calling in Kelantanese dialect which we like to immitate, “Maghi adek kakok, maghi massok deh, ghoyak kat ambo bape adek kakok ndak deh (mari adik kakak, mari masuk, beritau saya berapa adik kakak nak)” …. or something like “sploh ghia pase…sploh ghia pase.(RM10 sepasang)” …I once was caught in between Kelantanese and KL dialect that made Jan laughed. He said I sound like Siamese instead of Kelantanese…

We ‘finished’ our round at 12.30 midnight. The night is still rocking for WCY sellers and bargainers, but we just had to surrender because we were so tired. Before we went out of the pasar malam area, I bought two cups of coconut jelly. They are so yummy. I dont think I’ve tasted the jelly before.

 We reached Jerteh at 1+ am. In my head, I am thinking the next time I come here, I’ll just book a hotel nearby WCY itself to save me from the hectic jam.

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