Salam ,

I can stand with anything, EXCEPT, DIRTY TOILETTTSSSSSSS !

Euwww…!  Wekhh ! Wekh !

Malaysia toilet is wet, everybody knows that. However, the quality has improved since we had many toilet attendants collected money from the users and clean it regularly. Compare today’s toilet cleanliness level from the 80s, we had now improved. 

Okay, wait, we are talking about public toilet in prominent cities here…not the outskirt ones.

Oh, if you are wondering why toilets in Malaysia are wet, its because we use water to clean our ‘toot’ – regardless of small or big ‘business’. Even our Malaysian-Chinese friend who is accustomed for using tissue paper uses water.  FRESHER, CLEANER ! That’s why you’ll never see toilet papers inside our loos. 

Well, yes, I have to admit that using water in the loo can be quite complex when it comes to watery floor etc., but, hey, nowadays, you’ll see toilet attendants mopping the floors quite often, especially the highway R&R areas. Plus, the ventilation system has been installed in most of the cities toilets – less awful smell.

When we decided to go to Kota Bharu, I am quite concern with the toilet cleanliness level there. So, like others, we’ll just pass our ‘business’ before we step out for somewhere else. However, nature can be quite ‘naughty’, even when you had done the ‘deal’, often, the urge comes again ! Darn ! There you’ll have to find public toilets and the popular one will be the one at petrol station. He he ..

I think about 3-4 years, there was popular petrol station campaign that highlighted ‘OUR TOILET IS CLEAN’. Though cheeky, I think people liked the idea…I dont know the toilet marketing impact on the particular fuel station sales…but, I definitely will stop there when nature calls. Now, with no more toilet banner hanging, it is quite difficult to find one that is ‘reliable’.

Back to KB. We had to stop for loos occasionally, and ahh…the experience was never an interesting one.

Let me put in details okay. I know it is yuckyyy….but, hopefully, some of toilet operators out there know what problem to tackle when we meant by ‘ CLEAN TOILET ‘.

1) Watery floor. This is caused by many factors, but one that is obvious is the floor/cement level. When the level is at par, for sure the water doesn’t flow to the drain. Especially when it is fixed with the small square tiles, the water or elements in the water (be it urine or any water) will stick in between the tiles. To clean it, you really have to brush it.

2)  Smelly toilet. Ever heard of gimmick saying ‘your urine doesnt produce that smell, it is the bacteria inside it that produce it’. Well, I dont care which one contributes to the smell. When you are on ‘business’, it smells. We cant ask everybody not to eat eggs or yoghurt, but what we can do is to use lots of water to ‘minimize’ the awful smell. In this case, I have to blame the toilet users. I say direct here, when you want to shoot, shoot directly at the target. If it happened that you miss your aim, please please please pour extra water to wash the residue at off-target! Especially with small kids with no diaper, please help other toilet users by using extra water to wash off the smear.

Dont worry about helping the environment – save the water thingy….just remember, we dont want our children to inherit dirty toilets from our generation, thats it !

3) Rusted and stained toilet bowl. Lets be frank, when we enter toilet, our sight whether we want it or not will spot at the toilet bowl (I never saw anybody entering loos watching ceiling).  Usually, when the bowl is white, we’ll be a bit okay. But, when you see the rust and stained one…we’ll…OMG wait, for other toilet (if there’s any) or maki-hamun inside while refraining ourselves from breathing, if we are just unlucky. Oh, toilet operators, can you please use Aflin Shauki’s toilet cleaning stuff to clean your toilet bowl. Dont be lazy ! Fix it or just chunk it out, get a new one…from China..cheaper…but just make sure it doesnt crack when we sit lah..

4) Clogged sink. I just cant understand the attitude of some who like to throw tissue, sweet wrappers etc in the sink. It clogged the sink. Dirty man..We dont want to see your hingus residued tissue or cigarette butts in the sinks..Aiyohh !

There are other issues pertaining to the toilet cleanliness and when think about it, it all shows the civic-mindedness level of the users. All religions emphasize on the cleanliness level and for Muslims especially there are ‘customs’ that we should follow when using toilets. For KB dwellers, and all cities (kang kata aku anti-Kelantan lak), the loos adab does not only confine to reciting doa’ of entering and exiting the loos only. The overall cleanliness is comprised of the clean floor, unstained toilet bowl, clear toilet mirrors, residue-free sinks and the ventilation system. When it is not in the Quran or Hadith, it does not mean that these issues should be ignored.

To be fair, other countries toilets for me, doesnt necessarily mean clean when there’s no awful smell or watery floor. It just that they are at the ‘advantage’ because their climate is not humid like Malaysia and they just use tissue to clean their ‘toot’. For ‘purity’ wise, I guess, their toilet reams are as dirty as any toilet reams, ….you might not see the residue, but they just wipe the urine residue using tissue….and thinking about that and the germ ? YUCKKK  !  

We dont want just clean, we want purity…bersih and suci !

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