Bandung – How does it begin

Bandung – the first time

Somewhere in January 2010.

Oh! Where should I go…I want to fly away. I searched for places in the ‘Air Asia’ website – a dynamic web owns by a cheeky company I would call. Clicking . Scrolling the possible places to venture with no definite purpose. My eyes fixed at one place…hmm…”Bandung”.

Bandung…..why not ? I haven’t been there. All I know about Bandung is its fame as a shopping heaven.

How heaven is that ? “Go..Ema, a decent lace in Malaysia can cause up to RM30+ per metre. There, u can get for a dirt cheap! 60% off ! But you have to bargain lah”, say Kak Liza the frequent Bandung visitor told me several times, years ago when I was then planning for my wedding.

“The beautiful beaded kebaya, was just RM50. If you buy them here..sorry, you cant get that price lah!”, another friend, Sid, informed.

But, I dont really want to shop. Knowing myself and Jan as travellers, we seldom bought things when travelling..not even a fridge magnet! The things that I would normally buy would be 2 tshirts for Damia & Daris. They now, have a collection of “I love Sarawak, Cameron Highlands, Pangkor Island, etc” t-shirts.

“Jomlah Kak, we go to Bandung, they said…bla bla bla”, my sisters always fishing me to organize a trip. I just kept silence. Organizing a trip is exhausting, especially when it involves ticketing, lodging, guides, itineraries, etc. Not that I dont want to organize it, but I guess, Bandung trip must cost more than my trip to Kota Kinabalu that I went in 2009 – they had rejected KK proposals, for sure they would reject my ‘Bandung proposal’.

But I want to fly!

I stared blindly at the screen. Clicking at the ‘booking’ site, fingers dancing loosely on the keyboard figuring the price of the trip. Let’s say if I were to go on May, how much will it cost me. I talked to myself.

Erkk…RM425? To & fro ?

I called up my sisters..

“Wanna go or not ? RM425? I’ll try to get everything below RM700.”

“Hmm…okaylah, but get a cheaper one if you can”, said Eda. I understand that she is concerned with her husband, Nizam & kids – Ds.

“Yani follow je”, my youngest sis said. The easiest one.

I called up mama. “Mama want to go to Bandung or not?” , “Nak, but no money lah”, “Then, when do you think will we be rich? Jom, just go, okay”, “See first lah, we discuss at home”.

Four days to decide. Decision made half-heartedly…anonymous, “Ok, we go”.

Seven adults and 2 kids. A family is heading the life to Bandung !

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